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Follow your own roads and discover New Zealand's beauty with Kinky Campers!

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Kinky Campers - Campervan Hire & Sale

Welcome to Kinky Campers LTD - NZ's most Kinky, Alternative Campervan Rentals!

Wow we are STOKED & EXCITED for you as visiting our website means you're planning an adventure to our beautiful country!  Fantastic choice choosing New Zealand, we're a small island nation full of mostly animals & mountains so travel and adventure is in our blood and runs the entire length of our country!

At Kinky Campers our aim is to make your visit the most amazing and memorable trip of your life!


Why choose Kinky Campers?

  • We offer campervan rental & sales
  • We are 100% NZ owned and operated (100% Kiwi)
  • We take pride in our vans
  • We provide top class customer servic
  • We care for the environment, planet & our country (and we show it through our actions)
  • All campervans have 24 hour road side assistance
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Complimentary airport pickup*

You can catch our culture and adventure tourism as you make your way from the pristine golden sand beaches of Abel Tasman down to the rugged peaks of the deep south.  You can make your own mind up but we think you'll find New Zealand has it all.

Experience the natural beauty New Zealand has to offer in one of our certified self contained Kinky Campers. We've got comfortable well set out campers on the market allowing you to go wherever you want in comfort... and at whatever pace you desire.

So come explore with us, we're excited about what's down the road and to set you free in our beautiful country!

Our Campervans are made for Freedom!

Spread your wings and fly my friends...welcome to New Zealand, a country with 4.8 million humans and 30 million sheep!!

Our Kinky Campers are fitted out with high quality & functional amenities to maximise your travel experience.

Our Service

Here at Kinky Campers we provide the campervan rental and sales service in New Zealand. We assure you our campervans are of good quality.

One Branch – One Stop

We are located in Nelson New Zealand, customers are able to hire campervans from our Nelson office and return back to Nelson or to main cities in NZ. Please note one way fee’s will apply.

No hidden costs

With our online quote service, you can be 100% confident that there aren't any hidden costs when hiring or renting a campervan. Our service includes costs for: travel maps, roadside assistance, GST (sales tax), and unlimited kms.